Happy New Moon Year.
The 15th January is the first moon of the new moon year.  So, there is still time to buy and enjoy the Moon Calendar

The Blue Ball Press MOON CALENDAR is a lunar based calendar.  This Moon Calendar has a new page for each new moon, with Gregorian calendar dates; giving you the moon name,phase, its rune and tree, and key associations.

Drawn mainly from Celtic and Norse traditions (in particular from Gaul's Coligny Calendar and the Celtic Tree Calendar), the Moon Calendar helps you to develop a feeling for the nature of each moon season, and the annual lunar and solar cycles.

Using the Moon Calendar you can meet each season as a friend, and be at one with the Earth.

Designed and produced by Freda Davis each page of the moon calendar contains key dates, details about that month's moon and one of Freda's pen and ink drawings.
Cover design for 2010's Moon Calendar & Typical Moon Calendar page
    Unopened the Moon Calendar is 30cm by 21cm
What is diferent about the Moon Calendar?
In most calendars you turn the page at the start of a new month. In the moon calendar you turn the page on a new moon - a synodic month.  Each moon measures a season of the earth.The current moon on the Moon Calendar is: Moon of Blossoms (14th May -12th June, 2010)
"AS Task: Tending Sheep. For Anglo Saxons AErra Litha, the first moon of Lith..."

The MOON CALENDAR costs just £8.00 plus £1.50 p&p (in UK) and can be ordered here
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